Il Cocco
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Il Cocco Restaurant is located in the heart of the historic center of Orvieto, one of the most charming towns in Umbria, Italy. The restaurant is next to Piazza della Repubblica and the wonderful Town Hall Palace, in Via Garibaldi. Our restaurant offers a menu with many traditional dishes and is the ideal place to enjoy a meal in Orvieto.

Inside our restaurant are available two quiet and well furnished rooms. Giancarlo, the owner, together with his staff, will be at your disposal.

Our best dishes are based on local products, such as wild boar, truffle, porcini mushrooms, rabbit, veal, and much more. Moreover, our restaurant offers a great selection of local and national wines. We can host up to 45 people inside and 15 people outside.

In fact, during the warm season, you can enjoy your meal in Orvieto while sitting at our outdoor tables on Via Garibaldi, just 20 meters from the unique Piazza della Repubblica and from the Sant’Andrea Church.

[vc_RsMenu title=”Appetizers” style=”style3″ screenshots=”147″ menu_price=”” button_link=”url:%23|||”]Caprese Salad
Mixed Crostini
Tomato Crostini
Truffle Crostini
Olive Oil Tasting
Mixed Appetizers
Truffled Scamorza Cheese
Sage and Vinegar Cheek Bacon
Anchovies with Sauce
Colonnata Lard Crostini
Prosciutto and Melon
Veal Carpaccio
Prosciutto and Figs[/vc_RsMenu]
[vc_RsMenu title=”First Courses” style=”style3″ screenshots=”3283″ menu_price=”” button_link=”url:%23|||”]Minestrone
Tagliatelle with Cheese and Black Pepper
Risotto with Shrimps (on demand)
Gnocchi with Ragù Sauce
Umbrichelli Cocco Style
Tagliatelle with Truffle
Amatriciana Umbrichelli
Umbrichelli with Vegetables
Ravioli with Butter and Sage
Tagliatelle with Porcini Mushrooms
Risotto with Shrimps and Calamari (on demand)
Tagliolini with Cheek Bacon and Pistacchio
Tagliatelle with Asparagus
Lasagna with Ragù Sauce
Paccheri Pasta with Cheek Bacon and Sage[/vc_RsMenu]
[vc_RsMenu title=”Second Courses” style=”style3″ screenshots=”154″ menu_price=”” button_link=”url:%23|||”]Flavored Rabbit with Herbs
Ossobuco with Potato Puree
Cacciatora Style Chicken
Lamb with Artichokes
Wild Boar Stew
Veal Filet with Porcini Mushrooms
Orvietana Style Doves (Piccione)
Dove with Olives 1/2
Roasted Shinbone with Potatoes
Salt Cod with Sauce
Pork Filet with Prunes
Parmigiana Tripe
Chicken Breast with Almonds and Truffle
Salmì Guinea Fowl
Grilled Veal Filet
Veal Filet with Green Pepper[/vc_RsMenu]
[vc_RsMenu title=”Side Dishes” style=”style3″ screenshots=”158″ menu_price=”” button_link=”url:%23|||”]Side Dishes

Grilled Vegetables
Mixed Cooked Side Dish
Mixed Salad
Potato Puree
Cooked Vegetables


Pecorino Cheese
Mixed Cheeses
Goat Cheeses
Buffalo Mozzarella and Stracchino Cheeses[/vc_RsMenu]

[vc_RsMenu title=”Desserts & Fruits” style=”style3″ screenshots=”3265″ menu_price=””]Desserts (all home made, including Pan di Spagna)

Zuppa Inglese (Italian Trifle)
Tozzetti Biscuits with Local Orvieto Vinsanto
Crostata Tort
House Dessert
Strawberry Mousse


White Truffle
Black Truffle



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