Our Dishes

Some dishes in our menu might change every day, depending on the season and the availability of the ingredients.

* Dishes marked with a star can be prepared with frozen ingredients.

NOTEA: Friday night fried specialties available.

Bread & Cover Charge: € 2.00

One Meal-Plate: Our Large Salads (“Insalatone”)


Caprese Salad Euro 8.00

Mixed Crostini Euro 8.00

Tomato Crostini Euro 6.00

Truffle Crostini Euro 13.00

Olive Oil Tasting Euro 3.00

Mixed Appetizers Euro 8.00

Truffled Scamorza Cheese Euro 13.00

Sage and Vinegar Cheek Bacon Euro 7.00

Anchovies with Sauce Euro 7.00

Colonnata Lard Crostini Euro 8.00

Prosciutto and Melon Euro 8.00

Veal Carpaccio Euro 10.00

Prosciutto and Figs Euro 8.00

First Courses

Minestrone Euro 10.00

Tagliatelle with Cheese and Black Pepper Euro 9.00

Risotto with Shrimps Euro 12.00

Gnocchi with Ragù Sauce Euro 10.00

Umbrichelli Cocco Style Euro 15.00

Tagliatelle with Truffle Euro 15.00

Amatriciana Umbrichelli Euro 9.00

Umbrichelli with Vegetables Euro 9.00

Ravioli with Butter and Sage Euro 10.00

Tagliatelle with Porcini Mushrooms Euro 12.00 *

Risotto with Shrimps and Calamari Euro 12.00

Tagliolini with Cheek Bacon and Pistacchio Euro 10.00

Tagliatelle with Asparagus Euro 10.00

Lasagna with Ragù Sauce Euro 10.00

Paccheri Pasta with Cheek Bacon and Sage Euro 10.00

Second Courses

Flavored Rabbit with Herbs Euro 13.00

Ossobuco with Potato Puree Euro 13.00

Cacciatora Style Chicken Euro 13.00

Lamb with Artichokes Euro 16.00

Wild Boar Stew Euro 12.00 *

Veal Filet with Porcini Mushrooms Euro 18.00 *

Orvietana Style Doves (Piccione) Euro 12.00

Dove with Olives 1/2 Euro 12.00

Roasted Shinbone with Potatoes Euro 10.00<Befstroganov Euro 18.00

Salt Cod with Sauce Euro 12.00

Pork Filet with Prunes Euro 12.00

Parmigiana Tripe Euro 12.00

Chicken Breast with Almonds and Truffle Euro 13.00

Salmì Guinea Fowl Euro 12.00

Grilled Veal Filet Euro 15.00

Veal Filet with Green Pepper Euro 15.00

Side Dishes

Potatoes Euro 5.00

Grilled Vegetables Euro 5.00

Mixed Cooked Side Dish Euro 8.00

Mixed Salad Euro 5.00

Potato Puree Euro 5.00

Cooked Vegetables Euro 5.00


Pecorino Cheese Euro 8.00

Mixed Cheeses Euro 10.00

Goat Cheeses Euro 10.00

Buffalo Mozzarella and Stracchino Cheeses Euro 10.00

Desserts (all home made, including Pan di Spagna)

Zuppa Inglese (Italian Trifle)Euro 5.00

Tozzetti Biscuits with Local Orvieto Vinsanto Euro 5.00

Crostata Tort Euro 5.00

Tiramisù Euro 5.00

House Dessert Euro 5.00

Strawberry Mousse Euro 5.00


Pineapple Euro 3.00

Strawberries Euro 3.00

Melon Euro 3.00


White Truffle Euro 3.00

Black Truffle Euro 3.00

Lemon Euro 4.00

Coconut Euro 4.00

Aperitivo Drinks (Starter Drinks)

Aperol Barbieri Euro 4.00

Martini Dry Euro 4.00

Martini White Euro 4.00

Bitter Campari Euro 4.00

Bianco Sarti Euro 4.00

Campari Soda Euro 4.00


Mineral Water Euro 2.50

Sodas Euro 3.00

Beer Euro 3.00

Home Made Beer Euro 5.00

Espresso Euro 1.00

Cappuccino Euro 2.00

Tea Euro 2.00

Liquor Euro 4.00

Reserve Liquor Euro 5.00